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    3lb Players Grade Cricket Bat

      Heavy Players Grade Cricket Bat

      This is a one off specific bat pictured. The bat pictured is the bat for sale. There is only one. 
      weighing 2lb15oz almost bang on 3pounds. So this is a heavy bat. 
      made in Adelaide Australia. This cricket bat has been handcrafted in Adelaide. 
      grade 1 + English willow. This bat looks stunning but is made to perform. 
      The rebound off this bat is next level. One of the most powerful bats Kraken Cricket has ever created or held. 

      3 Pound Giant Cricket Bat

      LEGAL. The bat just fits through a bat gauge. So it’s legal for all forms of cricket.

      Full Profile Cricket Bat

      FULL PROFILE: There is zero concaving on this. Huge full profile. Big edges. This bat is an absolute monster. As big as you can legally get!
      For the strong power hitter in the team, performance is guaranteed. 
      a big heavy bat that pings like nothing you’ve seen before!


      41mm edges

      ZERO concaving, full profile

      Players Grade English Willow.


      I repeat. The performance on this is extreme. This is 100% guaranteed.

      This pings like nothing else!

      This bat is LEGAL, it will fit through a bat gauge, but only just. It is maximum legal sizing on the edges, spine and with no concaving (Full profile)

      For something even bigger and some oversized illegal cricket bats that won't fit the guage check out the Kraken Colossal Cricket bats



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