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      Kraken Cricket has been working closely with leading local women cricketers to develop the best women's cricket bat available. These high-performance players have helped shape the range for this season and we thank them for their feedback as it has been instrumental in shaping this range of bats. The emphasis is on correct weight and sizing, without sacrificing power or quality.

      One of the biggest frustrations our women cricketers have felt is that there is a huge gap in the market for those female cricketers wanting to pay top dollar for a high-quality bat. They just simply aren't there in the weight requirements.  Well, Kraken Cricket has changed the game! We guarantee you'll be super impressed with what we've created.

      The modifications for our Womens Cricket Bats are as follows.

      • Ultralight bat weights 2lb 4oz through to 2lb 8oz
      • Full Width, Full Shape, Full Profile
      • No compromise on making the bat smaller to shave off weight
      • High performing low-density willow
      • Ultra Light Pick up 
      • Maximum Power
      • Made from our "Classified" Willow range

      What is classified willow? Classified willow is the same genetic species you'll see all the top bats made from, Salix Alba Caerulea. However, this is grown in a secret location outside of England, therefore we can not call it "English Willow" even though it's the same species. (A bit like not being able to call Champagne a Champagne if it's not from the Champagne region) This willow is a lower density, allowing for a large and light bat that performs incredibly well. 

      In stunning Neon Pink Graphics, you'll make a statement with the KRAKEN CLASSIFIED - Women's Edition. 



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