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    White Wicketkeeping Gloves


      Kraken White Cricket Wicket Keeping Gloves

      NEW AND IMPROVED ON LAST SEASON - Finally Kraken Cricket have brought out some wicketkeeping gloves. (Actually this is our second season now)

      We've chatted with a number of leading wicket keepers and received feedback on the flexibility, materials and performance. Limited to 10 white pairs

      NOTE  this is our Third season doing Keeping gloves

      Whilst the first season feedback was great, we have gone even further to make improvements to make these even better!

       As used by Ellie Johnston of the Brisbane Heat. These gloves are used by leading cricketers.

      Why Choose Kraken Wicket Keeping Gloves?

      Kraken Wicketkeeping gloves represent great value compared to other similarly priced wicket keeping gloves on the market.


      These should be a lot more, but we are keeping the price low to get our name out and show keepers around Australia what great keeping gloves we have.


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