Kraken Cricket Signature Mens Cricket Bat
Kraken Cricket Bat Australian cricket Brands
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Kraken Signature Cricket Bat
Kraken Signature Bat

    Kraken Signature Cricket Bat

    $550.00 $590.00

      Kraken Signature Cricket Bat

      The Kraken Signature bat is made from Grade 2 English willow and represents great value for those wanting a high quality Kraken Bat at an affordable price.

      Care is taken to ensure the balance and pick up are perfect, while still leaving as much wood in the hitting zone as possible. 

      The bat features a large profile, thick edges (38-42mm) and little to no concaving. This is a full profile bat designed to give maximum power and a larger sweet spot.

      We believe this is our best value cricket bat as many are borderline grade 1, but only downgraded through minor things like a small blemish on the back, wider grains, and generally things that are unlikely to affect performance.

      With willow costs going up soon, we are trying to keep this as a very good value bat.

      Stunning Electric Blue Graphics make this an absolute standout cricket bat.

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