Kraken Colossal Grade 2 Cricket Bat
Kraken Grade 2 Bat
Kraken Colossal grade 2 English Willow Cricket Bat
Kraken Cricket Bat Australian Cricket Brands
Kraken Cricket Bats Australian Cricket Brands
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Kraken Colossal Signature - Grade 2

    Kraken Colossal Signature - Grade 2


      Due to the huge success of the Kraken Colossal over the past 2 seasons in Grade 1 English Willow, we have brought out a more budget friendly version in Grade 2 English Willow.

      Make no mistake, the performance of this beast is quite frightening! And these are only downgraded through minor blemishes of appearance.

      The size is huge, 50mm+ edges, but with clever balancing and a higher middle, they pick up 2 ounces lighter than the scale weight.

      This won't fit through a bat gauge, so for some top levels of cricket it may not be legal.

      A ridiculously powerful cricket bat, at an affordable price.

      The Kraken Colossal Signature, in Grade 2 English Willow.

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