Kraken Colossal
Kraken Colossal Oversized Cricket Bat
Cricket Bat 50mm Edges
Kraken Cricket Bat Kraken Colossal with huge 50mm Edges
Kraken Colossal Cricket bat with huge 50mm Edges Grade 1 English Willow
Kraken Cricket Bat Kraken Colossal Limited Edition
Kraken Cricket Bat
50mm Edges Cricket bat KRAKEN COLOSSAL
Kraken Cricket Bat Colossal Oversized Bat 50mm Edges HUGE
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    KRAKEN COLOSSAL Limited Edition


      Kraken Cricket Colossal Limited Edition Cricket Bat

      The Kraken Colossal Limited Edition is a huge bat designed for the power hitter. With massive oversized edges and a mid to high middle, the Colossal picks up extremely well for its weight and feels 2 ounces lighter than the scale weight.

      Edge size is a massive 46 to 50mm edges.

      A full profile with as much wood left in the bat as possible, and shaped by hand from an oversized English Willow cleft.

      This Cricket Bat is Illegal

      This is illegal for first class matches, but most if not all amateur associations should allow it. It does not fit through the bat gauge, which only allows for 41mm edges.

      Each Kraken Colossal will have oversized edges of 46mm+

      With our stunning Gold Kraken Colossal Stickers, it is available in the very best of the best English Willow. Make a statement with a stunning looking bat that is sure to clear boundaries.

      • Highest Grade English Willow
      • Huge Edges

      NOTE: We never do more than 5 Kraken Colossal's in the limited edition grading per season.

      Full Profile Cricket Bat

      The temptation is there to lose a bit of weight by scalloping or concaving the back. Especially with such huge pieces of willow, they are always going to be heavier than a traditional bat.

      However, we have opted NOT to scallop out the back and keep a full profile.

      If the bats end up heavier, then so be it. But we believe people want a fuller profile and more wood left in the cricket bat (Judging from the feedback we've received)

      Choose your weight carefully at purchase.

      There will be options on a dropdown menu (or similar) to choose the weight of your cricket bat.

      Obviously a monster bat like this is not going to start at weights too light. Weights start at 2lb12oz and work their way up.

      The limited Edition Colossals have been chosen not only on looks, but willow density and performance. The Colossal LE's will be slightly lighter and less dense than the lower grade ones. So there is scope to get a good bat that is not over the top with what it weighs.

      We've tried to keep these bats useable at around the 2,12 mark.

      We do have a cheaper version in Grade 2 willow of the Kraken Colossal Cricket Bat

      Note, this bat is not able to fit through a bat gauge. For those in associations where bats must conform to the new size limits, this is not for you.

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