Virat Kohli Replica Bat by Kraken Cricket
Virat Kohli Cricket Bat
What bat does Virat Kohli use?
What Cricket bat does Virat Kohli use?
Virat Kohli replica cricket bat
Virat Kohli Cricket bat replica by Kraken Cricket
What does Virat Kohli Bat look like
Virat Kohli copy cricket bat
Virat Kohli shaped cricket bat by Kraken Cricket
What bat does Kohli use?
How much does Virat Kohlis bat cost?
What does Virat Kohlis bat weigh?
Copy of Virat Kohlis Cricket bat
Virat Kohli
Virat Kohlis Cricket bat
VK cricket bat Virat
VK Cricket bat Virat Kohli
Finest Grade willow Cricket bat for Virat Kohli
Virat Replica Cricket Bat

    Virat Kohli Replica Bat


      What bat does Virat Kohli Use?

      Well at the moment Virat uses an SS Made MRF. MRF Being the Madras Rubber Factory have a few bat companies make their bats under license, and put their stickers on them, and his are currently made by SS.

      We've been fortunate enough to see a bat up close and replicate it here with two bats in the VK18 profile to pay respect to the cricket bat Virat Kohli uses.

      These are 2 very special cricket bats, in weights 2lb8 and 2lb9oz.

      Virat Kohli Replica Cricket Bat

      These are big lightweight bats. Handcrafted from the best performing, grade 1, low density clefts. 

      This has been made in the style of cricket bat used by Virat Kohli with a low middle and a slight duckbill to reduce weight near the toe and enhance pickup. 

      A high quality oval handle has been fitted for power and control. 

      Shaped to the same specifications as Virat Kohli's Cricket Bat

      This is from our Grade 1 grade willow. The the same as our top limited edition bats. Picked on performance, willow quality and density.

      The specs. Maximum allowable sizes. 41mm edges and a large spine.

      Weight. Low density English Willow means these bats weighs in at just 2lb8oz and 2lb9oz respectively.

      super light

      perfect grains

      low density

      picked for performance

      huge bats



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