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      At Kraken Cricket we like to push the boundaries, and test new things. The Kraken Classified is just an example of this.

      Unleash the Kraken with our Top Secret "Classified" Willow. This is a bat we have created based on PERFORMANCE. It pings like an absolute Rocket, and this has been our uncompromising aim with this bat. Performance, Performance, performance. And by performance, we mean POWER and maximum Ping!

      Did you know that a small percentage of international cricketers are NOT using English Willow, I repeat, they are NOT using English Willow. Whilst they will be using the same genetic species, (Salix Alba Caerulea) it may be grown in a different climate.

      This willow in our "CLASSIFIED" range is grown in a secret location with warm summers and cold winters, a similar climate to England, but the conditions have produced a stunning, high performing, low-density willow. I could tell you where it is, but that's strictly CLASSIFIED.

      As the writer of this article, and owner of Kraken Cricket, I can tell you, I will be using these bats this coming season. These things PING like nothing else you've ever seen or felt before once they are played in.

      These bats have been tested by leading cricketers at our club, and feedback has been very positive. NOTE: They do start off slowly and take a bit of time to play in and open up and reach their best. These will not be at their best when perfectly new, but rather after a few hits.

      If you have an open mind and care about performance, you simply have to experience the KRAKEN CLASSIFIED. Experience the difference.

      PS, if you don't have an open mind and must have English Willow grown in England, then that's ok, we have plenty of that in all our other ranges!

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